About Us

Beyond Solutions Private Limited (BSPL) offers a wide range of services to both governmental and non-governmental outfits. BSPL aims at assisting governments, businesses, NGOs, Policy makers, educators and researchers in developing programs, managing projects, designing applications, introducing innovations, writing policies and assisting partners towards  implementing them and finally, evaluating and analyzing them for effectiveness and desired outcomes. The Company ensures delivering quality services to organizations, programs and projects of diverse nature and magnitude.  We offer creative solutions to challenging problems. Through short-term and long-term consultancy services, BSPL creates a win/win scenario for all the stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our experts always find ways to develop the capacity of teams and organizations they work along. Change management at all levels happens to be one of our specialized areas. We have a proven track record in service delivery, project management and capacity building. BSPL is a highly competitive company in terms of cost effectiveness, service delivery, timeliness, quality control and versatility of its human resources. The company provides quality consultancy in the realms of education, health, law, advocacy, information technology, research, leadership development, complete HR solutions, project management, change management and diverse training to improve and enhance the businesses as well as non-governmental organizations. The company has a track record of service delivery almost throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan. BSPL has successfully delivered highly challenging and complex projects.

Our Vision

Beyond Solutions was launched with the vision of providing unparalleled services through an unmatched team in the realms of Information Technology, Project Management, Human and Organizational Development, Research and Education. Built on the pillars of integrity, excellence and commitment, BSPL works for promoting good governance, quality and productivity. Worldwide exposure enables us to efficiently design, manage, implement and monitor all sorts of projects and programs.

Our Team

Pervaiz Ahmad