Certificate Computerization Project (MoE)


Date:07 Jul, 2017

Client:Ministry of Education Afgfhnistan

Certificate Computerization Project (MoE)

Country: Afghanistan
Location within country: Kabul
Name of Client: MoE, UNESCO
Start date: March 2008
Completion date: August 2008


This system automates the archival, retrieval and tracking of grade 10, 11, and 12 student transcripts and develops a computerized solution enabling the automated generation of secondary certificate. This is a web based system and can be rolled out to provincial offices, and once the capacity and infrastructure is built at school level the system can be used directly for entry and report generation from the schools.

The data stored in the system is highly confidential; therefore advance security measures are implemented to ensure security, confidentiality and protection of information.

System Characteristics:

  • Stores all the existing transcripts data in computerized system.
  • Automates the process of certificate and transcript issuance using standard computerized system
  • Interfaces are in English, Pashto and Dari languages
  • Establishes a professional archiving and referencing system for keeping the records of secondary level transcripts and enabling the quick retrieval of data as needed.
  • Easy retrieval of applications and providing the required information